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Marriage-Post PPR/COPR and Before Landing

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  • Marriage-Post PPR/COPR and Before Landing

    I have queries and suggestions required regarding marriage post PPR

    Below are my details:

    PPR - July 2017

    PP Expiry - March 2018

    I understand I have two options to include spouse post PPR

    1. Before Landing
    • In this case since I will get married post PPR and before landing I will have to raise CSE and inform CIC about the change in status.
    • In this case my current PR will be on hold and I will have to submit back the COPR.
    • I understand this way it might affect my PR and might be questionable about getting married at this stage.
    2. After Landing
    • In this case I am planning to go to Canada in November 2017 for a so called "Soft Landing". Come back after 10-15 days to India.
    • Meanwhile in Canada, I give address of my maternal uncle in Alberta where I can get the PR card and he could courier me back in India to again enter the country later.
    • I get married in India after coming back soon by means of Court Marriage and get the required documents.
    • I fly back to Canada again in Feb 2018 (I have already booked my one-way tickets)
    • After I reach Canada I start with the Spousal Sponsorship process for my spouse as soon as possible.
    • Wait for the output of the sponsorship application

    I kindly request members to have a look on above understanding of mine and suggest me if this is a better way to approach the situation to secure both PR and even get married.

    Below are the few queries I have in my mind based on the above description
    1. Is option 1 advisable. If so why and for what reasons should it be considered?
    2. Is option 2 advisable. If so why and for what reasons should it be considered?
    3. What are the things I have to take care in case of Soft Landing in Canada? Is there a requirement to stay in Canada the first time I enter the country for say X no. of days or so?
    4. In case of Soft Landing what are the things I should definitely try to complete in the short duration. I understand SIN is one of the things, what apart from that should I target to finish.
    5. Is it fine to get the PR card couriered by my relative to me in India
    6. Is it fine if after coming back to India after soft landing I immediately get married, this could not be questionable?
    7. In case of court marriage, only those papers or enough or do I need to do a big wedding ceremony to have pictures as proof of marriage.
    8. What are the pre-requisites for applying for Spousal Sponsorship apart from marriage?

    I am very grateful to those who put the effort to read about my situation and guide me with my queries.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Patrica,

    I am also in a similar situation and looking for the same information. Did you happen to find the right course of action? If so, could you aid me as well?

    Many thanks in advance,